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My Demand Premier not only provides extended pickup time but also allows you to communicate your preferred temperature and conversation level to your top-rated driver in advance.

Choose your exact pickup time up to 90 days in advance

Cancel at no charge up to 60 mins in advance

Extra wait time included to meet your ride

Customer safety is paramount. Tracking and emergency features ensure security.

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Airport Transfer Services

Now in Airdrie and its neighboring areas you can rely on the dependable services of My Demand Ride for airport transfers. Our team of skilled professionals at My Demand Ride ensures that you reach the airport of your choice, any time of the day.

Package Delivery Services

My Demand Ride stands out as the most economical and expedited service for shipping. Offering budget-friendly fare rates comparable to standard other rides, you can save money and swiftly book online for efficient package delivery through My Demand Ride.

We drive you & your vehicle home

Count on us to get you and your vehicle safely home. At My Demand Ride, our dedicated service ensures a secure and convenient solution for both you and your vehicle, providing peace of mind after a night out or any situation where driving might not be the best option.

Boosting Service

Revive your journey with My Demand Ride's Boosting Service—an efficient solution to kickstart your vehicle whenever you find yourself stranded. Our prompt and professional assistance ensures a swift and hassle-free way to get back on the road. Count on us to provide the boost your car needs, delivering reliable service when you need it most.

24 Hour Service

Did you know that we've been running 24/7 for the past 5 years? We never close! No matter what time of day, or day of the week, we're always here and ready to provide you with fast and friendly service. We want to be your ride sharing service provider. Ride with us and see for yourself why My Demand Ride is better than the rest.

Senior and preferred clients

Enjoy a special offer of 10% off for our valued senior and preferred clients. It's our way of expressing gratitude for your continued trust and loyalty. Your satisfaction remains our top priority at My Demand Ride.

School Transportation

Ensuring a stress-free school run, My Demand Ride is your trusted transportation solution for getting students to and from school reliably and safely. Our commitment to excellence and reliable service extends to providing a comfortable and secure journey for students, prioritizing their well-being.

Corporate Accounts

Elevate your corporate travel experience with My Demand Ride's exclusive Corporate Business Account. Our corporate accounts provide seamless transportation solutions for your business needs. Enjoy priority booking, detailed invoicing, and simplified expense management, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience for your team.

Hotel Shuttle Service

Experience seamless travel with My Demand. From stress-free airport arrivals and timely hotel to airport departures to convenient hotel shuttle services, we've got your journey covered. Our 24/7 availability ensures reliability around the clock, while guarantee a safe and comfortable ride. Effortless booking through our website, mobile app, or a quick call, coupled with transparent pricing, adds to the convenience.

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